Hall of Fame Member Biographies

Jacob F. Larson

Music students in this state have benefited greatly from the presence of Jacob F. Larson at the University of Oklahoma. His exceptional teaching skill elicited from his students the full power of their talents. Professor Larson began his music teaching career in Birmingham, Alabama, worked in the public schools in Youngstown, Ohio, moved into academia by appointments to Youngstown State University, Colorado State University, and then in 1977 to the University of Oklahoma School of Music. He has performed in numerous city symphonies, and since 1977 has held the trumpet position with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra. He has been, for ten years, an Artist Performer at the Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain and has been a Trumpet Clinician in Guatemala and Beijing, China. He has aided the development of music in Oklahoma by giving his time and energy to the programs of the Oklahoma Arts Institute. His students have gone on to claim academic positions throughout the region and have by their compositions and artistic achievements enriched the cultural life of the nation. For these notable acheivements, Jacob F. Larson is welcomed into the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame.