Hall of Fame Member Biographies

Jerry D. Carroll

Colleges and universities require strong and effective leadership to bring students, faculty, and staff to their fullest potential, and the State of Oklahoma has been fortunate in having had such leadership; such an example has been the career of Dr. Jerry D. Carroll. His story shows how the ability to communicate and motivate others while sharing all accolades with others promotes well-being and intellectual advancement. Beginning as a counseling coordinator in 1970 when he became a founding member of Tulsa Community College, he then moved through a series of positions until he served as Provost from 1990 to 1992. His concern for faculty and students earned him an enviable reputation. Because of his acknowledged excellence in guiding the school, he was then asked to serve as President of Northeastern A&M College in Miami from 1992 to 1997. His superior work there led him to become President of OSU-Oklahoma City from 1997 until his unfortunate passing in 2010. At OSU-Oklahoma City Dr. Carroll pioneered distance learning reaching out to those requiring collegiate education but unable to become traditional on-site students. Nearly 40 percent of all OSU-OKC students take at least one class on-line; six degree programs and all general education courses are available on the internet. He steered the University through the establishment of its first four-year bachelor degree, graduating its first student in 2009. During his term he made OSU-OKC the second largest school in the OSU system. For his great service to Oklahoma students throughout the state and to enhancing the quality of education in every institution he served, the Society is proud to induct Jerry D. Carroll into the Higher Education Hall of Fame.