Hall of Fame Member Biographies

Shivakumar Raman

Manufacturing in the United States and the world is undergoing a profound transformation as older processes are being enhanced by computers, sensing devices, and modern materials. A leader in the effort to promote and modernize manufacturing is Shivakumar Raman, who has led teams in integrated design and manufacturing, sensor integration, shape engineering, and advanced manufacturing at the University of Oklahoma. He obtained his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the Walchand College of Engineering, Shivaji University, India, his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He was hired as an assistant professor at OU in 1988, became an associate professor in 1994, and was promoted to full professor in 1999. His career has been noted for prestigious research grants, extensive publications, and enthusiastic teaching, as he has vigorously sought to guide undergraduates to careers in industrial engineering and manufacturing. His research has earned $7.5 million through external grants, including several from the National Science Foundation. He has published 71 journal articles and seven chapters in engineering books; his publications beyond academic journals are multitudinous, including papers in bound volumes, international conference proceedings, and technical reports. Along with this massive output, he has directed nine Ph.D. dissertations and 55 Master's theses. He has also supervised 34 undergraduate senior design projects. He has taught as many as 180 Aerospace, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering undergraduate students per semester at OU, and has always obtained high teaching evaluations. He has been described by students as a "great teacher" and "so knowledgeable that he doesn't need a book to teach," and he manages to make the laboratory experience and lectures on principles reinforce each other so that "learning clicks." On a larger scale, Dr. Raman's expertise in manufacturing has borne fruit through his role as Principal Investigator for the Shape Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing Center, an OK-EDGE project that produced a spin-off company providing cutting-edge technologies to Oklahoma's aerospace industry. For his ability to capture the imagination of students and to advance manufacturing technology, Dr. Shivakumar Raman has been named a Sam R. Noble Foundation Presidential Professor, a David Ross Boyd Professor, and the John A. Myers Professor in Engineering. Nationally, he has been recognized for his research and service activities through election to Fellow status in three major engineering societies: Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), American Society of Mechanical Engineers {ASME), and Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). For this outstanding career in teaching and research, we are delighted to induct Shivakumar Raman into the 2016 Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame.